Gold Coast Property Manager Headaches Dealing with Tradesman

Every Property Manager on the Gold Coast has headaches dealing with tradesman that are unreliable, unreachable and unprofessional. After speaking to a lot of Property Managers throughout the Gold Coast we have developed the most common headaches they have and outlined how we at Shark Plumbing are different.

Be Upfront with Payments


Overcharging and going ahead with work without quoting.


Up front flat fee pricing, no call out fees or hidden costs - all prices listed on our website so you and your clients know what you're up for before the work begins.

This is great for most Property Managers here on the Gold Coast as then their clients know what they're in for before the plumber gets out on site. This saves many headaches and painful conversations for Property Managers as there is nothing worse than getting caught in the middle between a tradesman that has done work and invoiced for it but it is more than expected and the owner doesn't want to pay because it is too expensive.

Our work flow when on site is as follows;

Arrive on site for the work order from the property manager.

Conduct a plumbing audit of the whole house to ensure there are no other issues around the house that we would be called back for if we hadn't taken care of them while out on site. This plumbing audit not only ensures we are taking care of the Property Managers client by way of keeping on top of the maintenance plumbing and therefore avoiding

Plumbing emergency's but also saves the cost of having a plumber coming back out on site again when the problems raised in the audit need to be attended to when they worsen down the track.

The additional problems discovered in the audit are communicated back to the Property Manager before any work is commenced, in hopes that it gives the property manager ample time to get approval from the owner while our plumber continues with the work order on site.

Once scope of works on the work order are completed our plumbers will touch base again with the property manager to see if approval for the additional works have been approved and if so they carry it out while on site, if not a formal quote is sent through to the property manager for additional works required.

We've found that other than for some property managers who have an allowance budget from their clients for each time a tradesman on site this is the best workflow while on site.

If you are a Property Manager on the Gold Coast and like the sound of that workflow then get in touch we are always open and able to customise our workflow to suit individuals property manager partners so if you have an additional step to add or change we are absolutely open and willing to implement it into our workflow for your porftolio of clients.

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