The Importance of Maintenance Plumbing

The Gold Coast, like anywhere in the world needs reliable, local plumbers to function...Good Plumbers are essential. Think about it - your toilet, sink, shower, bath heck even your dishwasher requires a plumber to ensure the smooth operating of a good quality life at home.

Generally speaking we tend to wait till things block up or burst until we think about plumbing, but a little bit of maintenance here and there can go a long way to reducing the household plumbing budget every year.

Here are some of the basic plumbing maintenance tips for you to imploy in your household:

It's all to common for kitchen sinks to be clogged with food and cooking oil. Even as you wash food down and you are more than aware it’s a bad idea, you do it anyway...We've all been guilty of this...And, who hasn’t had that horrible job of pulling hair out of the shower or bath plughole when it stops draining properly. Solution? Grab a simple strainer on top of plug holes stops gunk and the rest from heading down the drain in the first place! If your drain is blocked now then book online or give us a call to lock it in.

That familiar drip, drop from the tap isn't just annoying it should be given immediate attention as more often that not it's the first sign of a problem that will only get worse if left alone. The pipes in your home are often affected by the toxins and chemical composition of cleaning products we use when unclogging drains and sinks. When taps start dripping, check the washer, it might need replacing. You can also check the main valve, the pressure might be too much which could be causing continuous dripping. If you’ve adjusted it already and replaced the washer, and the drip is still there, you may need to replace the tap - we can get one of our plumbers out to stop the leaking tap and replace the fixture too if necessary. Give Shark Plumbing a call or book online via our website.

An annual inspection of sewer lines should be done to ensure water flows properly and continues to where it should go. If you have a garden, or trees near where your sewer lines are installed, there’s a possibility that roots might affect the pipeline. Tree roots can often be a cause of broken pipes. Call a plumber to have it checked once in a while, and never plant anything near your sewer line.

Maintenance and plumbing system checkups are designed to prevent costly repairs and replacements. You can do it yourself, but if you don’t know what to look for, it’s a good idea to get a professional plumber, hopefully we're the ones top of mind hehe You can book Shark Plumbing online here or give us a call here

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Shelley Finter
Shelley Finter

Shark Plumbing's courteous workers built a drainage system under my house. They provided me with progress photos and were prompt. I would definitely use them again.

Nick Moody
Nick Moody

Had Shark come out to replace a leaking pipe from the water meter to the house, and plumb up a water line to our refrigerator. Did a great, service was fantastic and on time as quoted. Great value rates and I Highly recommend them.

Jasmine McIntosh
Jasmine McIntosh

We had shark plumbing come out and repair/replace some leaking taps and toilet buttons, the gentle man stayed back late until the job was completely done. More than satisfied with his service ☺️

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