How to Unblock Your Toilet

The Gold Coast is too beautiful a place to be dealing with a blocked toilet, leaking toilet or any toilet problem for that matter - that's why we're here; your local, reliable Gold Coast toilet plumbers.

There is no two ways about it - a blocked toilet is the definition of a nightmare. And while it is definitely inconvenient the good news is, it isn't actually very hard to unblock yourself in some cases...

We've outlined below, the steps to unblock the toilet yourself...

1. Stop the Flow!

First and foremost, don't let the water overflow! Take the lid off the toilet and close the flap which stops the water from draining back into the bowl.

Keep the top off too - so you can keep an eye on it closely when you "test flush" after unblocking it, if it all goes south in the the testing moment you can quickly quickly and easily close the flap to prevent the overflow and bathroom flood that would follow...

2. Plungers on the Ready

Most people when they see that their toilet is clogging up want to dive right in with the plunger. But because soft pliable plungers work better than stiff cold ones, it is worth the extra time to run the rubber part of the plunger under some hot water first.

The softened rubber will make it easier for you to get a good seal with the plunger making the whole process easier.

3. Make Sure You Plunge Correctly

Take your time with the plunger and make sure you get a good seal before you begin. Remember that the upward motion is just as important as the downward motion. Give several good plunges and see if the toilet clears. If it does – yeeehaaa - you have just unblocked the toiler yourself and can now brag to your friends about your plumbing skills!

If the toilet bowl starts filling up, just reach in the tank and close the flapper before beginning the process again.

Bonus Plumbing Tip: For the Tough Toilet Blocks Try Using Hot Water

Adding a few cups of hot water into your toilet bowl and letting it sit for a couple of minutes may help break up toilet paper and human waste. If you have a "stubborn" clog, you may want to try this before you begin plunging.

BUT of course - Know When to Call in the Professionals

While minor clogs are often easy to clear yourself, there are some circumstances where you may need to call in the heavy artillery (AKA us - your local plumber.) If you notice water backing up in odd spots when you flush the toilet (such as the sink or bathtub), it means the block is in the main line and is no longer a DYI operation.

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Shelley Finter
Shelley Finter

Shark Plumbing's courteous workers built a drainage system under my house. They provided me with progress photos and were prompt. I would definitely use them again.

Nick Moody
Nick Moody

Had Shark come out to replace a leaking pipe from the water meter to the house, and plumb up a water line to our refrigerator. Did a great, service was fantastic and on time as quoted. Great value rates and I Highly recommend them.

Jasmine McIntosh
Jasmine McIntosh

We had shark plumbing come out and repair/replace some leaking taps and toilet buttons, the gentle man stayed back late until the job was completely done. More than satisfied with his service ☺️

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