5 DIY Ways to Clear Your Drain

1. Dish Detergent
For blockages caused by built-up grease and oils deposits - a simple half a cup of dishwashing detergent down the drain can be the miracle you're hoping for. Pour down some hot water and leave for a while to allow the chemicals to work their magic. The detergent should break down oils and fats as well as also act as a lubricant for other bits and pieces like food particles.

2. Blast It With Water
If your hose reaches into your kitchen and you've got control over the pressure, stick it down the drain hole and give it a blast. This pressure can help to dislodge even the most stubborn blockages. Another alternative to this method is grabbing an empty milk bottle or large water bottle and filling it with water and squeezing it tightly so the water shoots down the drain.

3. Vacuum
Using a wet and dry vacuum can prove very effective, especially if what's blocking your drain is easily dislodged and light enough to get sucked up by a vacuum. Simply turn on wet mode and press the nozzle of the vacuum to the drain opening - ensuring it's as air-tight as possible and crank that baby up. You'll know pretty quick whether this has worked or not - either nothing will happen or you'll feel the gunk being sucked up and away.

4. Use The Zip Tie Method
If you've got a few spare zip ties lying around connect a couple together to form a "drain snake". Next, cut small notches into one end so it forms a mini harpoon-like device. Lower this down the drain and try wiggling it around - ideally, you'll catch some gloop and draw it back up. Try again and see if any more comes out. You may be onto something here. Or you might not, in which case we highly recommend you invest in our final tip...

5. Call Shark Plumbing
Still blocked? We highly recommend residents and business owners call a professional plumber to get the job done properly and ensure minimal disruption and damage.

When your pipes and blocked drains need rescuing, the Gold Coast plumbers at Shark Plumbing are only a phone call away on (07) 5669 2388

With no call out-fees and obligation-free quotes, our Gold Coast plumbing team will use specialist equipment and years of experience to swiftly diagnose the problem and advise an effective solution.

With an arsenal of heavy-duty equipment at the ready, such as automated drain cameras and high-pressure sewer jetters, our team will have your water flow returned to normal in next to no time.

Our fully licensed plumbers and gas fitters can also assist with hot water system maintenance, suspected gas leaks, leaking taps, burst pipes, renovations, and new build installations.

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